Apatheism – Is it a practical and misleading deity doubt monster?

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Apatheism also known as pragmatic atheism or practical atheism, is acting with apathy or disregard toward belief or disbelief in a deity or deities (a god or gods) due to the lack of reason, motivation, or will to express interest in theism.

An apatheist is someone who is not interested in accepting or denying any claims that gods exist or do not exist. An apatheist lives as if there are no gods and explains natural phenomena without reference to any deities. The existence of gods is not rejected, but may be designated unnecessary or useless; gods neither provide purpose to life, nor influence everyday life, according to this view.

In other words, apatheists consider the question of the existence of gods as neither meaningful nor relevant to their lives. Some apatheists hold that if it were possible to prove that God does or does not exist, their behavior would not change.



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