Ban Slug Pellets

Continuing my UK Wildlife theme as this month is quiet for me in astronomy!


As if hedgehogs don’t have enough problems with habitat loss – they are still under the threat of death due to the continued use of slug pellets.


UK Hedgehog.

After helping a hedgehog last week, my partner then found out it had died due to poisoning. Slug pellets being the culprit.

In a well maintained garden you should not need slug pellets. Personally, I think they should be banned. That hedgehog suffered an agonising death that was all so unnecessary.

We would like to thank The Cuan Rescue Center for all their work in helping and rescuing our UK Wildlife.

What To Do If You Find An Injured Hedgehog

Hedgehog Street Top Tips

There is currentley a petition to stop the decline of Hedgehogs in the UK. Click on the link below to sign it.

Give the hedgehog better legal protection in order to reverse its decline.


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