Big Up Bats UK

Find out more about our brilliant UK insect hunters.

Getting to know our night creatures and how we can help and support the ‘caped crusaders’ of the night sky – the brilliant bats. The best place for information on bats in the UK is The Bat Conservation Trust, it has absolutely everything you need to know and you don’t have to be a member in order to see the content.


Bat Fact

Bats are not blind; in fact they can see almost as well as humans. But to fly around and hunt for insects in the dark, they use a remarkable high frequency system called echolocation.

Echolocation works in a similar way to sonar. Bats make calls as they fly and listen to the returning echoes to build up a sonic map of their surroundings. The bat can tell how far away something is by how long it takes the sounds to return to them.





Echo Location: A post I did on my other blog.

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